QuerDenkFabrik Ltd. (QDF) is an engineering company specialized in designing and developing innovative solutions with a special focus on efficient, mass production suitable processes. QDF is domiciled in Thun, Switzerland and does not have any subsidiaries. QDF has taken over and continued the main engineering activities previously performed at another local company, which no longer exists. The Company pursues own research and development projects but often provide such services to third party clients including well-known international groups. Since January 2016, QDF has rendered its services to Sonceboz SA for several development projects including the CAPTure project.

The engineering and research activities of QDF are focused in the following domains:

  • Design and development of multipol high torque electrical engines (direct drives)
  • Any solutions to be developed in connections with engines, gear designs,
  • Manufacturing solution of special parts
  • Material testing

The main technical activity of QDF in the CAPTure project is focused on the design and the evaluation of an optimized highprecision, maintenance-reduced gear-solution at reasonable costs. The new gear together with the preselected engine will be a key in achieving the best possible steering of the heliostats and thereby maximizing the potential heat generation.