TSK Flagsol


TSK Flagsol Engineering GmbH combines the 25 years of know-how in CSP plant engineering of former Flagsol with TSK’s experience in turn-key construction of large-scale industrial projects.

TSK brings know-how regarding the challenging pipe works into the CAPTure project, stemming from experience in the construction of CSP and combined cycle plants.

TSK Flagsol’s staff is looking back at decades of accumulated work on demonstration plants, like the parabolic trough collectors Skal-ET and HelioTrough®. These solar energy products have been pursued from first concepts to operation in the Mojave Desert in large publically funded projects. The resulting data has laid the cornerstone for Europe’s first commercial CSP plant Andasol.

As part of the product development various design and risk mitigation strategies were applied, e.g. Quality Function Deployment (QFD) , SWOT analyses, or Risk Management according to ISO 31000.

In the CAPTure project TSK Flagsol is responsible for:

  • Physical overall system integration
  • Development of the overall control system
  • Industrial design support for various sub-components
  • System commissioning
  • Risk management