FCT is specialised in the manufacture and machining of components made of high-performance ceramics like silicon carbide, silicon nitride and zirconia. The properties and performance of material grades produced correspond to the global state of the art. The spectrum of customized ceramic components manufactured of these ceramic materials ranges from prototypes up to medium-sized series, but no serial products. They are used in wide ranges of industrial applications due to their high abrasive, corrosive and thermal resistance as well as for lightweight constructions.

The mainly applied fabrication technology is compaction of pre-prepared powder compositions by cold-isostatic pressing (CIP), greenmachining, sintering and hard-machining / finishing. Because of the high flexibility of this manufacturing technology and the (technical) capabilities of FCT-H, the sizes of parts produced cover a broad range, from highly precise small parts e.g. for sensors and analytical devices to large-sized components and complex shapes for e.g. energy technologies with largest dimensions of 1 m and more. Especially the latter is a speciality of FCT-H, for which other ceramic producers do not have the necessary technological equipment. Such ceramic components mainly for wear protection (mill-liners and -rotors, slide bearings, face seals, gears) make a large part of the company’s turnover.

In the Competitive Solar Power Towers project, FCT is responsible for:

  • Manufacture of high temperature ceramic elements in receiver
  • Development and manufacture of ceramic elements for high temperature valves