The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) is a technology centre specialized in applied research and development, as well as the promotion of renewable energies. It is equipped with a cutting-edge technological infrastructure which together with a highly qualified technical staff makes this centre enjoy both national and international prestige.

The CENER-CIEMAT Foundation is a non-profit entity, created by the Science and Technological Ministry of Spain and by the Government of Navarra. Its staff is around 200 persons, out of which 80% are researchers, engineers and other technical personnel.

CENER provides professional services and performs research work in 6 areas: Wind; Solar Thermal; Solar Photovoltaic; Biomass; Energy in Buildings and Renewable Energy Grid Integration. Since its creation in 2002, CENER has participated in over 30 European projects of the Framework Programs and it participates in the most important international initiatives (Implementation Agreements of the IEA; Joint Programs of the EERA; European TPs, etc.) in the field of renewable energy.


In the Competitive Solar Power Towers project, CENER is responsible for:

  • Development of solar receiver unit
  • Development of down-sized heliostat
  • Development of smart calibration system for heliostats
  • Development of dynamic multi-aiming-point strategy
  • CAPTure concept optimization via simulations

CENER is also the project coordinator.