PRESS RELEASE / CAPTure’s policy recommendations to boost CSP in the global energy mix

Brussels, 13 March 2020 – CAPTure project’s partners EDF, in collaboration with EUREC, have prepared a collection of ‘Lessons learnt’ regarding policy recommendations to enhance the integration and deployment of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the global energy mix.

Focus areas

The document features a series of short messages regarding public subsidies; global challenges, such as Europe’s low Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) and European funding; private investors’ role; recommendations related to calls for tenders; and messages on hybridised fossil-fired power plants.

Recommendations based on experience

The content of the document took form with CAPTure’s policy workshop, organised during the European Utility Week and Powergen Europe, the 12th November 2019, in Paris. On this occasion, the author of the document, Frédéric Siros (EDF), presented ‘How to efficiently involve Concentrated Solar Power in a global energy transition’. “Massive storage will be crucial by 2030; for such a time horizon, public funding is needed to boost R&D. This applies to CSP whose built-in thermal storage is very competitive. Both PPAs and market price plus premium are excellent tools to this end” said Frédéric Siros.

‘CAPTure Policies to boost Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the global energy mix’ is the conclusion of 5 years of work on the CAPTure project and many more years of the authors’ experience working on research and development projects and in the European policy field.

Testing in a “real world” environment

Since January 2020, part of the air solar receiver unit of CAPTure’s concept is successfully running at Plataforma Solar de Almería. The other key components of the prototype (a regenerative heat exchanger, a hot airturbine, a heliostat design optimised for mass production) are being tested together with the control system. This experimental activity, running until April 2020, is the final phase of the project; it will prove the viability of the CAPTure concept.

Download ‘CAPTure Policies to boost Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the global energy mix’ here.

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++++++Note for editors

Key takeaways of CAPTure Policies to boost Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the global energy mix’:

  • Massive electricity storage – including CSP – will be needed by 2030; proper public subsidies are therefore required to convince investors to perform R&D right now.
  • Public funding is more efficient when used to build CSP plants in high DNI areas, which means outside Europe. Provided said plants have a significant European technological content, this is a good way of boosting a future exporting European industry.
  • Reference plants that feature state-of-the-art European technology must be built in order to showcase the European know-how and boost investors’ confidence.
  • Calls for tenders open to renewables should be technology-neutral; CSP will generally emerge as the best option whenever the DNI is high and dispatchability is required.
  • Both Power Purchase Agreements and “Market Price plus Premium” are good ways to subsidise CSP; each option has its pros and cons.
  • When gas-fired combined cycles are deemed acceptable, boosting them with solar steam produced by a CSP field allows extra solar power generation at a discount LCOE.

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