CAPTure WORKSHOP at the European Utility Week & Powergen Europe 2019

CAPTure at Bridge’s Storage session -14 November 2019


From the 12 to the 14 November 2019 CAPTure – Competitive Solar Power Towers project participated at the European Utility Week and Powergen Europe 2019 (EUW & PGE 2019). The consortium of CAPTure took this opportunity to organise a policy workshop on the morning of the 12th November, to exhibit at the EU Projects Zone of the exhibition area of the EUW & PGE 2019 from the 12 to the 14 November, and to present the project results and challenges during the session on storage organised by Bridge, the initiative of the European Commission initiative which unites Horizon 2020 Smart Grid and Energy Storage Projects to create a structured view of cross-cutting issues which are encountered in the demonstration projects and may constitute an obstacle to innovation.

CAPTure WORKSHOP -12 November 2019

On Tuesday 12 November, CAPTure project organised the policy workshop ‘The value and role of Concentrated Solar Power for the future power grid’. The workshop was divided in three sessions:


Session 1

Fritz Zaversky, coordinator of the project and member of CENER, presented the potential and challenge of solar powered combined cycles. This session was an opportunity to show the project results and learn more about the dispatchability due to cost effective thermal energy storage.

The presentation is available here

CAPTure project also conntributed to the EUropean Utility Week with this interview to Fritz Zaversky, Principal research engineer at CENER, Head of thermal simulation group.

Session 2

CAPTure project workshop also included a panel discussion open to other projects on Concentrated Solar Power. Representatives from the projects CROSSBOW, GRIDSOL and SOCRATCES joined CAPTure to exchange views on the electricity grid of the future with high share of renewable energy technologies. Benoît Valentin, from EDF, moderated the discussion.

Session 3

After the panel discussion, Frederic Siros, from EDF, presented ‘How to efficiently involve Concentrated Solar Power in a global energy transition’.

The presentation is available here

For further details, the agenda is available here

CAPTure stand at the EU Projects zone of the EUW & PGE 2019

All the pictures are available here

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