The Competitive Solar Power Towers Project

The main objective of the Competitive Solar Power Towers (CAPTure) project is to increase plant efficiencies and reduce levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) by developing all relevant components that allow implementing an innovative plant configuration. This plant configuration is based on a multi-tower decoupled advanced solar combined cycle (DSCC) approach that not only increases cycle efficiencies but also avoids frequent transients and inefficient partial loads, thus maximising overall efficiency, reliability as well as dispatchability, all of which are important factors directly related to cost competitiveness on the power market.


CESA 1/CRS-SSPS - ©Plataforma Solar de Almeria

Latest news

CAPTure presented at the 12th International Modelica Conference

CAPTure partner IK4 TEKNIKER delivered an oral presentation at the 12th International Modelica C ...

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Press release – Innovative concentrated solar power plant configuration under test in southern Spain

A consortium of solar thermal electricity experts, coordinated by CENER, has started to test the key ...

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CAPTure at the H2020 Coordinators’ Workshop on Concentrated Solar Power

  The European Commission brought together the consortia of H2020 projects dealing with ...

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CAPTure partner Fraunhofer IKTS presented at the 4th Cellular Materials (CellMAT) Conference

CAPTure partner Fraunhofer IKTS delivered a presentation at the 4th Cellular Materials ( ...

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CAPTure presents at SolarPaces 2016

The CAPTure consortium attended the 2016 edition of the SolarPaces Conference on 11-14 Octob ...

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